Design & develop Hardware and software for educational Tablet

Before you look at any tablets device, there should be a clear and fundamental understanding of exactly what the needs are. Why do we need tablet computers? What purpose and function will they fulfill? How will the technology be used and managed? How will these devices fit into our existing ICT resources and at what cost? Considering all of these questions and more, and fully understanding how tablet computers could be used in an educational institution, is essential. In this regards Esteeman providing a educational Hardware & software This tablets provide a unique opportunity to create a truly portable learning experience. Lightweight with a long battery life, they offer possibilities not previously seen with other 'mobile' computing solutions. This lends itself to better use of technology within teaching. For example, quick access to reference material during a lesson, previously difficult to achieve with existing ICT, can bring key advantages and enhance learning. Using tablets in less typical scenarios, such as field trips, workshops or physical education lessons offers opportunities for research, evidence gathering and presentation. Brining devices such as these into the classroom and everyday life for students is in itself a learning experience. Couple this with the resources a tablet computer can deliver, such as text and reference books, audio and video resources, internet research, document preparation and review, and specific eLearning applications and activities and you have a truly versatile learning tool.
Educational tablet function and features :
Access to a dynamic experience for educational programs
Access to digital libraries and textbooks Access and downloads educational and teaching documents in to the device Limited access to the Internet (web filter) Smart OS with Full Persian language support and farsi typing keyboard Exclusive educational User interface installed on device by default Access to many Software like: office applications , Dictionary ,Voice recorder and etc.